From Afar・Jacob’s Ladder

From Afar - Jacob’s Ladder
Katarzyna Urbanek’s artworks

The character was modeled completely from scratch, being just a cube at the very beginning of the process. Since completion of that stage, it was time to paint various details on his skin such as scratches, stains, scars and a large wound on the stomach. Satisfied with his look, we created a bones system and bring him to life by using nonlinear animation system.

The imagination created the vision of a post-apocalyptic fiction inspired by From Afar’s music. The animation environment was a result of combining it with real elements from the location we had chosen for shooting the video.


One of the most characteristic elements on the scene was a scarecrow with a waving piece of clothing. It’s an example of cloth simulation with additional wind force.

The animation of “mysterious” raven was made using hair simulation and bones system.

Here’s a couple of stills taken straight from the video.

The interpretation is left open... Enjoy.
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