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We are a team of passionate, highly creative and multi-skilled people who believe that nothing is impossible no matter how hard it is.
We are recognised for our expertise in delivering interactive 3D visualisations, including virtual, three-dimensional walkthroughs, VR applications and photorealistic architectural, product and interior design visualisations.
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We had a pleasure to work with Lemonade Studio in the implementation of a large and comprehensive project.
This team has vast knowledge and experience, great sense of aesthetics and puts attention to details.
Bartosz Szczucki Project Manager
Our cooperation was smooth and we perceive Lemonade Studio as a smart, flexible, creative and solid company. It is worth emphasizing their excellent work organization and communication skills.
Ewa Madej Communication Director
Seven 4 Para
One of the great companies I have had a chance to work with was Lemonade Studio. (...) They are just genuine, the owner as well as the people who work there.
Eloy Way President & Instructor
(...) no matter how sour and challenging a project is, with Lemonade Studio it always turns out to be as sweet and rewarding as a glass of cool lemonade at the end of a difficulty day. It really seems that the team take the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade seriously. ;)
Ewa Mazurek Account Executive in NoMonday

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Marcin Wójtowicz
Marcin Wójtowicz
CEO, Project Manager
tel./WhatsApp +48609212060
Grzegorz Piaszczyński
Grzegorz Piaszczyński
Art Director, 3D Artist
tel./WhatsApp +48669523895
Lemonade Vision
ul. Krajobrazowa 13/2,
35-119 Rzeszów,

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