3D Animation

We create the 3-dimensional animations as independent productions or as elements of enriching videos, presentations, websites, or visualizations of all kinds of objects. They find countless applications that are limited only by your imagination - from photorealistic architectural realizations through character animations, physical simulations to surreal, abstract productions.


Promotional movie & advertisement

Three-dimensional animation is an excellent tool for promotion and advertising, allowing to achieve effects in many cases impossible for traditional video productions. It works perfectly as a form of advertising products, services, companies, processes or initiatives. It tells a coherent story, visualizing the selected issue in an effective, original and clear way.



Explanation movies

These types of videos visualize a business idea, illustrate processes, explain operations and construction. With a creative approach, even the most complex issues can be visualized in a way that is clear yet appealing to the viewer, keeping their attention.



Digital scenography

Realization of theatrical scenery with the help of 3D animation opens up completely new possibilities for storytelling and exposition of its selected parts. Depending on the number of scenes, we prepare a specific number of sequences, with which the actors can interact. This affects the reception of the play, stimulating the imagination of the audience even more. It is worth mentioning that an additional advantage of such prepared scenography can be the simplification of the realization of a complicated stage design, replacing some of its elements with an animated background.




Highly polished visual effects are a great complement to many video productions, including trailers, commercials or feature films. We create sequences entirely in 3D or we combine virtual elements with film material, as in the case of aerial shots composed with visualizations of architecture.


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Marcin Wójtowicz
Marcin Wójtowicz
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Grzegorz Piaszczyński
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