Interior Design

Our company creates both conceptual and detailed designs. We comprehensively design functional residential and commercial interiors, tailoring them to the individual needs of our clients. You can expect photorealistic visualizations, technical documentation and lists of finishing materials and equipment elements. Our team members are flexible and communicative, because the goal of our cooperation is to bring you the highest quality project that will meet your requirements in 100%.



Comprehensive design

This is a fully comprehensive service addressed to investors who expect a set of documentation that is clear to the contractors, which will allow for trouble-free implementation of the designed interior from A to Z, matching the assumed budget. Our service includes:

  • preparation of a functional layout
  • a set of photorealistic 3D visualizations of interior arrangement
  • development of detailed technical documentation (technical drawings, e.g. precise wall development, floor and ceiling projections)
  • custom furniture design
  • detailed lists of equipment elements and finishing materials (e.g. furniture, lighting, ceramics, fittings, wall and floor coverings - quantity and value, with an indication of where to buy them)
  • comprehensive descriptions and comments that will enrich the documentation


Projekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczyProjekt wykonawczy


Architectural Concepts

We deal with creating well thought-out architectural and urban concepts of public spaces, residential, commercial and public utility buildings, which are the basis for the development of construction projects. The results of our work are creative and proven solutions in the form of visualizations, projections, sections, elevations, land development and basic technical data and material solutions.


Koncepcje architektoniczneKoncepcje architektoniczneKoncepcje architektoniczneKoncepcje architektoniczneKoncepcje architektoniczneKoncepcje architektoniczne

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Marcin Wójtowicz
Marcin Wójtowicz
CEO, Project Manager
Grzegorz Piaszczyński
Grzegorz Piaszczyński
Art Director, 3D Artist
Lemonade Studio
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35-119 Rzeszów,
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