VR & Interactive Visualization

Both technologies are connected by a high level of immersion, which is due to, among others, realistic visuals, sound design and the ability to freely move and interact with objects on stage. We provide comprehensive services, including individually designed, intuitive user interfaces. It is worth noting that in addition to quality we pay special attention to the optimization of delivered solutions in terms of their efficiency.



Real time interactive visualization

We specialize in creating interactive 3D visualizations which, unlike traditional solutions, allow almost unlimited range of influence on objects in the scene. All this thanks to the method of rendering in real time. The great majority in this category are virtual 3D walkthroughs and product configurators. However, we are open to the realization of any other type of interactive content, such as for educational, industrial, instructional or sales purposes, allowing for additional configuration and subsequent reservation or purchase. Real-time interactive visualization allows for:

  •  simulation of surround sound
  • change of object observation mode (from a pedestrian perspective, bird's eye view, parallel projection, etc.)change the attributes of a selected object (including the type of covering, equipment, dimensions, and others)
  • modification of lighting parameterssmooth change of time of day and weathers
  • imulation of physics (including falling objects, liquids, collisions, wind, etc.)moving selected elements of the scene
  • using a dedicated user interface
  • probably any other type of interaction you can propose :) 






    Virtual tour (3D walkthrough)

    The user participates from a first-person perspective, moving freely as if in a first-person video game, further enhancing the experience. It can be placed on a website or delivered as an independent stand-alone application. It is often used for architectural visualization, whether for planned developments or for recreating buildings that no longer exist.



    VR experience

    Virtual reality brings up a new level of realism, providing even more immersive experience. In addition to all the features that interactive visualization has, this technology enables:


    We have the necessary background and knowledge to produce VR applications that are used in every industry, starting with architecture through all kinds of simulators, games and learning applications. We provide solutions for Steam VR and WebVR platforms.


    • stereoscopic vision
    • full reproduction of head movement
    • interaction with hands
    • viewing of objects on a real scale
    • watching 360 videos 


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